Benghazi, Libya

New Marwa Hospital

For a better healthcare


New Marwa Hospital works to provide an integrated healing environment that achieves the safety and well-being of the patient with high-quality and reasonable cost to be a model for the local and Arab world and to make Benghazi a leading destination for health care.

Dr. Omran Almashay
General Manager


To be the pioneer of health service providers with global accreditation of quality and contribute to the localization of treatment by employing qualified staff and cooperating with specialized international centers under the umbrella of specialized training and continuous improvement of operations to provide distinguished services at reasonable prices.


Sustainability: professionally managing our human and material resources to ensure the maintenance of the quality of our services
Perfection: Observing God in performing all activities and adhering to quality standards.
Safety: Commitment to preserving the safety of patients, hospital staff, and the environment.
Team spirit: Collaboratively integrate staff skills to achieve hospital goals and solve problems.
Transparency: Establishing a health service delivery system that is clear of procedures, processes and responsibilities
Ethics: Adopting a balanced system that respects the rights of patients and their families and provides health services with utmost respect.